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NowStudio WebSite Builder
NowStudio allows you to instantly generate a full-featured interactive and functional website for your business. Choose from several beautiful themes to create websites which look great on mobile phones, tablets and desktops. Absolutely no coding. No painful drag and drop. Just type the content, choose a theme, and generate an interactive website with a calendar, schedule, staff pages, pricing, and other details concerning your business.
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NowStudio Dashboard
The dashboard is a one-stop shop for daily operations at your small business. It includes a search engine to find customers, classes and instructors. A tabbed-view for today's classes allows you to instantly switch between them. The integrated search engine allows you to check customers in with a single click.
Customer Management
Dashboard provides a customer management window where you can create new customers, make purchases, and add memberships.
Week at a glance
The "Weekly Class View" allows you to switch to another day's dashboard and schedule classes.
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Step-by-Step Guidance
The initial setup and configuration of your studio is straightforward. Visit the Studio Summary page to setup the necessary details like Memberships, Subscription Plans and Class Packs.
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Employee Tracking and Workflow Management
As an entrepreneur, one of the main tasks is to manage your staff and create business processes for your new venture. NowStudio enables you to simplify the setup and ongoing operations of your studio by providing an integrated employee-tracking and workflow management tool. With these tools, you can keep track of employee schedules and their check-in and check-out times. You can also create simple workflows by assigning Action Items with time frames. The staff is notified automatically of the assigned "action items" via email, and the "action items" can be easily added to their calendar.
Loads of Additional Features
NowStudio provides many additional features which are either not available or extremely expensive in our competitors. These include: multiple staff-roles, staff-privileges, client-access and self-signup, scheduling/calendar management, email auto-notifications, integrated payment processing, extensive audit-logs, and many more.
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